Agriculture & Horticulture

Our county's agriculture must remain competitive within local, national and even international markets. This requires a continuous flow of appropriate technology addressing local needs within New Mexico. Our Extension program works to maintain and strengthen programs that address these needs. Water is one of the most important limiting resources for our county's agriculture. All aspects of water use affect agricultural efficiency and profitability. Water management will become more critical as water demands for urbanization and industrialization increase.

Most of the land in Harding County is used for cattle ranching and many of the citizens are at least in part dependent on this for their living. There are many needs that producers and their families have and some of their educational needs can be met through the efforts of the Extension Service.

Agricultural Events

There will be meetings addressing the Noxious Weed threat to Harding County. We will provide training for those desiring a Private Pesticide Applicator License. There will also be meetings concerning Beef Quality and Marketing. Check your Newsletter for more information.

Ag News Letter

Check out this month's AG NEWS for the latest on the Cattle industry, Noxious Weed control and Computer Classes. Information regarding the current situation with the Washington State BSE news has hit the media. Refer to BSE Info